• 16 active ingredients
  • For mature and dry skin types, all other skin types and the eye area
  • 100% natural plant oil recipe with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and vitamins
  • 1 oz quantity provides enough to use product once daily for two months
  • Pure, unrefined, cold pressed and raw seed oils for maximum therapeutic and nutritional value

Restore - Deep Healing Oil Serum

SKU: 0010
  • Skin Type: Dry, Mature, All


    Oil isn't the enemy. In fact, it's your skin's best friend. Discover why this exquisitely nourishing oil is what you've been missing from your skincare routine.


    Young, healthy skin is protected by its own natural oils but as skin ages it produces less, leaving it vulnerable to environmental damage and stress. The right balance of antioxidant-rich seed oils offers moisturizing nutrients without clogging or greasiness. Restore Oil Serum provides an elegant shield to keep skin looking firm and glowing.

    More than 10 cold-pressed, unrefined seed oils offer an intensive boost of natural vitamins and phytonutrients. Organic Cranberry Seed and Grapeseed oil bring natural origin Vitamin E while being lightweight and highly absorbent. Organic Rosehip oil and Seabuckthorn Berry offer Vitamin A to help you fight the appearance of fine lines.

    Hormonal shifts can wreak havoc on young and mature skin alike.  Organic Evening Primrose oil and Pomegranate Oil are rich in omega 5, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids including GLA which is suited for both types of hormonally affected skin.  Omega 5 is a rare fatty acid that acts as a powerful antioxidant, highly absorbent nutrient to benefit skin cells. Pomegranate oil also has phytoestrogens that pair beautifully with Evening Primrose Oil.

    We're not done yet - organic Hemp oil is next, and it's packed with phytonutrients. Our oil is freshly pressed and a beautiful green color due to chlorophyll content.  That's something you won't see in most commercially produced skincare because the oils have generally been refined to be "water white" and produce a clear oil or white emulsion.  That process strips them of valuable nutrition.  None of that makes sense to us, so we leave the oil untouched.  It goes straight from the seed to your skin!

    Then there's the oil many people still need to get to know: Tamanu.  Tamanu has been used traditionally by the people of Southeast Asia to soothe sun-exposed skin and reduce the appearance of skin irritations. We absolutely adore this oil for it's suitability for acne skin types.  It's rich, amber, nutty-smelling, and magic in a bottle as far as we are concerned. 

    Calendula CO2, a uniquely potent supercritical extract, boosts this recipe beyond a simple herbal infusion. A light blend of toning essential oils tops off our recipe including Neroli and organic Helichrysum which is alternatively known as Immortelle.

    Mature and dry skin types can use daily. Younger skin types use weekly, as a spot treatment or as needed. Beautifully moisturizes the delicate eye area skin so you can keep your skincare routine simple if you want. Skin is left elastic, plump, and supremely soft.