Your Skin Care Consultation


Let's face it! You have needs and improving the quality of your skin may be one of them. Come in and talk with Rachael, a licensed Aesthetician, about your skin and the proper care it requires. She will also design a skin care regimen to help you achieve your goals all while improving the quality, texture, tone, and look of your skin! This service includes a skin analysis, and a mini facial that will provide you with a sampling of the products that will be used to create your perfect regimen and help you achieve your perfect skin! ( 30 min /$55 )


Acupressure Face Lift Treatment


How about a natural lift to your skin? This acupressure face lift massage helps to firm, lift, and contour your skin. This is achieved through a light or moderate pressure cupping technique and acupressure massage that targets specific pressure points to stimulate the body's regenerative process. This treatment is designed to help tone the muscles of your face and smooth out the connective tissue under your skin all while improving the radiance and clarity of the skin, via improved circulation.

(60min / $75 ) 


Natural & Holistic Facials


Raw Vitamin Rejuvinator 


Experience unrefined, raw nutrition bliss for your face with this balancing, hydration, and brightening protocol. Normal and combination skin benefits from a beautiful dose of hydrating minerals from root hers, collagen building silica from organic cucumbers, horsetail, and antioxidant rich heather flowers. Fruit seed oils offer natural oil based vitamins and breathable, all-day elasticity to your skin. ( 60 min / $75 )


Herbal Problem Solver


Specially formulated for oily and acne prone skin types, this facial is filled with anti-inflammatory herbs, minerals, and vitamins specially suited to reduce breakouts and redness. Gentle but effective raw celery enzymes exfoliated the skin to deliver balancing nutrients like Niacin-amide further into the skin for even skin tone and hydration. ( 60 min / $75 )


Serene Skin Infusion


Dry and sensitive skin needs careful attention. Only the most soothing ingredients and anti-reactive herbs make the cut for this star quality treatment. Botanicals like oats, mushrooms, plantain, self heal, and marshmallow provide potent compounds that directly reduce skin irritation and speed healing. Skins is left smoother, deeply nourished and protected by rich natural oils.

( 60 min / $75 )


Enhanced Longevity Treatment


Mature and dry skin receives careful attention with the most sophisticated ingredients. Powerful nourishing herbs line Resversatol, Maitake Mushrooms and stabilized, time released Vitamin C keeps the skin energized and glowing!

( 60 min / $75 ) 


Back Facial


What is a Back Treatment? It is a refreshing and restorative treatment similar to a facial that addresses the unsightly skin condition known as acne. This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes your back, leaving it looking smooth and healthy! ( 45 min / $65 )


Men's Skin Treatment


A specialized enzyme formulation is used for you Good Men Folk that will provide you with a relaxing experience and AWESOME skin. This treatment helps to remove impurities all while soothing skin irritation and sensitivity caused by shaving. The end result of the treatment leaves you looking and feeling fresh and revitalized. ( 50 min / $70 )


Advanced Enzyme Treatment


Potent formulas deliver a range of exfoliation activity for all skin types, with enzymatic bromelain and papain, and granulated Chinese herbs.  ( 45 min / $65 )


Corrective Chemical Peel 


Our peels use blends of advanced ingredients to increase cellular turnover, encouraging the shedding of dead skin cells and revealing fresh healthy skin! ( 45 min / $65 )

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