My Story

Hello Lovelies,


Let me introduce myself. Gokenbach. Rachael Gokenbach! :D 


I am a transplant to Saint Louis, MO via my husband, Ben, who is also a massage therapist and current Chiropractic student at Logan University.


I am a dual-licensed Aesthetician & Massage Therapist who holds certifications as an Advanced Medical Massage Practitioner and Reiki Master Healer/Teacher.


If you have not guessed already, I am the owner of MAE Healing Studio and Spa. My business and most aspects of my personal life revolve around healing, helping others, and trying to live a balanced life.


I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do what I do for living and help others along the way as they walk their path in life.


I sincerely want to thank you for visiting my website and checking out MAE Healing Studio & Spa. If we ever get a chance to meet each other in person, I truly look forward to that day!